WordPress Based Web Services

We create better online experiences for the people you care about.

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Tools for content publishers

Take a peek at our upcoming product, Magnet Platform. It’s a complete online business platform for publishers.

WordPress themes designed for publishers

Our WordPress themes have been built to support magazine publishing and other businesses which have content publishing at their core.

With us, your content always stays yours. If you ever decide to switch your sites theme to anything else, the content you build stays as you designed it.

Our flagship theme, Fourbean Magazine, is designed for publishers and marketers.

WordPress plugins, natively

WordPress is a great platform, and we want to create plugins that look, feel and function as natively as possible.

That’s why our Page Builder, Shortcode Elements, doesn’t provide it’s own view, but seamlessly integrates with WordPress Visual Editor.

Shortcode Elements uses WordPress standard shortcodes, but renders them beautifully in the Visual Editor in such a way that you won’t need to constantly be previewing your changes on your site. You literally see what you’ll get.

Lean philosophy

We create tools and themes for WordPress with a lean approach. Our themes and plugins stay true to WordPress, which makes them intuitive to use and easily portable to other sites and environments. This lets designers have their freedom of choice.

Our Core Principles

True to WordPress

WordPress has strict guidelines for themes and plugins. We not only follow these by the letter but take them as a leading principle.

Non-locking Tools

We don’t want to lock our users to our products. Our themes and plugins use the WordPress standards as much as possible.

Your Needs First

We listen to what our users really need. A great website should not only look awesome, but also serve the purpose it was built for.

Latest Technology

We follow closely where the Internet is going and use HTML5, CSS3 and the latest standards to build our software.

Great performance

We believe the user experience is more than nice looks. Fast load times make the difference between the good and the great!

Keeping You Safe

Security is important, especially when dealing with e-commerce. We take it seriously so that your business is safe.

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