Starting up

Starting up a business is a lot of work. When doing it part time, doing all that work takes a whole lot of time.

The idea of Fourbean was born almost a year ago, when I sat down to think what I really wanted to do with my life. Instead of being employed by a big and growing corporation (where I had spent the past four years) I felt it was time for a change and time to do something more meaningful with my knowledge and skills.

Quickly I got my brother, Jarkko, interested on the idea and we began thinking how and what we could do together with Fourbean.

A lot has happened since and the initial idea has gone through a lot of evolution and changes, but still the core remains – We want to create products and tools, which help developers and designers around the globe to make the Internet a more enjoyable place for all of us.

So we began building our first products – a WordPress theme and a couple of plugins. Now, after few months of effort, we have built something impressive, which we can feel proud of. What’s best, we got our good old friend, Joona Nuutinen, to work with us in the business. Together we form a powerful team, which can build something awesome.

It’s exciting to finally see the ideas and dreams begin to come to life. We are just about to release our first products out to the wild. There is still a lot of work to be done before they can go public, but we now know we’ll get there!

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